• Between Us is a Namelessness

    Inliquid Exhibition Winter 2023
    The three artists in Between Us is a Namelessness work around the poetics of observation. Through invented tools and observational practices, each artist proposes methods to record and quantify the intangible. What does measuring the space between oneself and a memory or an idea mean? Through cyclical and repetitive processes, all three artists engage with nonlinear time and complex relationships to space.

  • LensCulture / Critics' Choice Award 2023

    Geographical Lore, Salt Mountain (2022) has been selected as one of the Critics' Choice Awards by Eve Schillo
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
    LensCulture Critics' Choice Award
    Announcing the 48 Critics’ Choice Award Winners for 2023

  • Member Spotlight / Inliquid Interview

    Member Spotlight / Inliquid Interview
  • Shifting Ecologies: Contemporary Artists and the Environment

    May- June, 2023
    Four photographs from Geographical Lore are included in the group exhibition, Shifting Ecologies: Contemporary Artists and the Environment at the Maguire Museum, Saint Joseph's University in Lower Merion, PA
    Shifting Ecologies: Contemporary Artists and the Environment

  • Photo Oxford Festival 2023

    Work from my series Geographical Lore is on view at the Modern Art Oxford as part of the Photo Oxford Festival 2023

  • to lean on the bend / new publication / Fall 2022

    to lean on the bend / new publication / Fall 2022

    𝓉𝑜 𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓃 𝑜𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒷𝑒𝓃𝒹

    ‘the crease may still hold 𝘜𝘴 ‘

    self-published book / 72 pages/ photo inserts with poster foldout/edition of #50

    the publication is a nonlinear narrative of photographic images with non-descriptive, poetic text as a thread throughout the book as if an internal voice is leading the viewer to distant places/landscapes, with archival photographs of intimate spaces and unknown geographies. drift on and on, on.

  • Exposure / Alberta's Photography Festival

    Work from Geographical Lore series, included in the Exposure 2022 Exhibition February in Canada
    Exposure 2022

  • Under the Sun and the Moon

    group show 70, work included in this online exhibition

    Under the Sun and the Moon

    What to say about The Sun And The Moon?
    The division
    The search for hopeful bits

    Some source of binding
    Some beauty in the sad
    Some balance

    It all hangs
    In what dissolves
    To look up and forward
    That's it

  • The Earth is Blue

    As part of an experiment at The Alternative Art School, we have created a collaborative exhibition between artists across the globe. Working in tandem with alternative spaces, we asked an artist at TAAS and one artist suggested by our global alternative art colleagues to produce artworks across geography and empathy.

    The project had two parts. Part 1: We asked each artist to talk about their last year with their collaborator, then make an artwork based on that conversation. Part 2: We asked each artist to also exhibit the work of their collaborator in their own context. Thus it was a two-fold exchange, the first in empathy and the second in geography.
    Collaborative Project Here


    Presented by Strange Fire Collective & Humble Arts Foundation
    Four Degrees Exhibition link

  • Podcast / The Real Photo Show / Summer 2021

    Real Photo Show

    Julianna Foster on the Podcast, Real Photo Show
    Real Photo Show podcast, and now production studio, was created by Michael Chovan-Dalton in 2015 as a platform to provide space and voice for photographers and to help build community among photographers. The podcast features artists, curators, publishers, and directors with discussions about origins, influences, teaching, books, showing, tools, some technology, and anything else that may come up in conversation.

  • Tilt Institute for the Contemporary Image (formally PPAC)

    Photo Talk 2021
    In this photo talk, I present work from my current series, Geographical Lore, a selection of photographic work that considers ways in which the natural world can be represented. With an introduction by artist, Nadia Hironaka.
    Tilt Institute

  • Create Magazine / Interview and Feature / Fall 2020

  • Lenscratch Interview

    Interview with Daniel George about recent work.
    Geographical Lore Interview, Winter 2020

  • Artist Spotlight

    Defusing the Bomb
    InLiquid artist Julianna Foster’s photographs illuminate the physical space in which transformation occurs. Her series of photographs entitled Portals are arresting and jarring, kind of like a punch in the gut. These photographs seem to convey the inside of that escape room, the inside of our four walls of quarantine, or even the inside of our metaphorical space stuck inside those walls trying to defuse that escape room bomb, or the pandemic.

  • Interview, Fall 2020

    Mythical Ecology: Exploring The Geographical With Julianna Foster
    Create Magazine Interview

  • paristexasla, gallery

    New gallery affiliation in Los Angeles, California
    PARISTEXASLA is a contemporary art space located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, a city born out of imagination. First opened in Spring 2019 as Brannan Mason Gallery, the gallery shows a diverse selection of emerging and established artists from varying disciplines including fine art, photography, functional design, and public art. The gallery prides itself in working alongside artists to produce ambitious projects both within the confines of the exhibition space and beyond.

  • Filter Photo, Context 2020 exhibition

    Filter Photo is pleased to announce Context 2020
    annual spring open call for photography-based work in Chicago
    Filter Photo

  • Geste Paris, The Truth in Disguise

    Included in group exhibition in Paris November 2019 The Truth in Disguise

  • New Studio Space

  • Intersections: Here / There

    Exhibition at Inliquid Gallery, February - March 2019
    Intersections: Here / There

    This exhibit, organized by Inliquid member and Philadelphia artist, Julianna Foster is based on photographic processes that relate to materiality, mark making, experimentation and using the medium of photography as source material. Works ranging from representation to abstraction through print material/objects and site-specific installation these seven artists, Roxana Azar, Veronica Corzo-Duchardt, Julianna Foster, Krista Svalbonas, Millee Tibbs, Claire Warden and Jennah White explore ideas of identity, personal history, human connection, place/location, interpretations and interactions within and of the landscape.

    InLiquid @ The InLiquid Gallery in the Crane Building, Philadelphia

  • The Focal Press, Routledge

    The Focal Press Companion to the Constructed Image in Contemporary Photography
    My work from the Swell series along with two interviews are included in this new book (Fall 2018).

  • In the In-Between: Journal for New and New Media Photography

  • By the Book Vol. 2: New Photography Publications, Featuring my book lone hunter and photographs

    The Print Center
    January 9 – April 21, 2018

    Thursday, January 11
    5:30pm Gallery Talk
    6:00 – 7:30pm Opening Reception
    Our second exhibition dedicated to a selection of the very best new photo publications and the artworks that inspired them.

  • By the Book Vol. 2: New Photography Publications

  • Call and Response; an exploration in photography and writing

    Call and Response Book
    Exhibition of selected work from the project along with the book:
    August 25th - September 22nd, 2017
    University of the Arts, Photography Program, in the Sol Mednick Gallery on the 15th floor of the Terra building, 211 South Broad St. Philadelphia
    (hours-Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Saturday - Sunday: by appointment)

  • Parallel Fields, Exhibition with Maria Dumlao through April 3rd, 2017

  • Community Supported Art

    Selected as 1 of 6 artists to participate in the CSA project.

  • Enlightened Earth exhibition through November 2016

    Panorama Feature Exhibit
    Main Line Art Center, Haverford, PA

  • Essay by Black Oak House, Catherine Pancake

  • Exhibition, Latent Ground, February/March 2016 Black Oak House in West Philly

  • G-Town Radio Interview, November, 2015

    Interview about Collabortive Project, Ping Pong with artist John Carlano
    Radio Interview

  • if on a winter's night a traveler

    Grizzly Grizzly group exhibition, June 5-27th, 2015
    Grizzly Grizzly

  • Center for Emerging Visual Artists

    2015 Finalist

  • Staring at the Sea in Cleaver Magazine, Issue #8

  • Picture Books

    Power Plant Gallery, Duke University, Durham, NC
    Until November 7th, 2014
    |http://https://powerplantgallery.duke.edu|Power Plant Gallery|

  • Listening In: Philly Artists Speak

    Abington Art Center
    October 10- December 7th, 2014
    Abington Art Center

  • Image World, The Strange Case of Julianna Foster

  • Relic, Vox Populi Gallery

    Opening Reception, December 6, 2013
    Gallery Talk, December 22nd, 2013, 3pm
    Vox Populi Gallery

  • Gravy Studio and Gallery

    Swell Series
    Opening Reception, November 1st, 2013
    Gallery Talk, November 17th, 2013

  • Conveyor Magazine, Dark Matter Issue

    Recent work in Dark Matter Issue, December 2012
    Conveyor Studio

  • Fleisher Art Memorial

    Wind Challenge III, Until May 11th
    Fleisher Art Memorial

  • Front Gallery, New Orleans, LA

    Vox Group Exhibit May 2013
    Front Gallery